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Extracurricular clubs and activities offer students a unique opportunity to explore their interests, cultivate new talents, and form lasting connections with peers who share similar passions. These clubs and activities provide a supportive environment where students can learn and grow outside of the traditional classroom setting. From academic and cultural pursuits to sports and hobbies, school clubs play a vital role in enhancing the overall educational experience. By encouraging collaboration, leadership, and personal development, these extracurricular activities contribute to a well-rounded education and help students build skills that will benefit them both academically and personally throughout their lives.

Bloom Communications

Bloom Communications, or simply referred to as Bloom, is a dynamic student-run marketing and communications firm dedicated to enhancing clients’ online presence. Led by a team of seven managers and supported by five freelancers, Bloom operates under the mentorship of two faculty members from the P.W. Sims Business program. Despite this affiliation, Bloom welcomes students from all academic backgrounds, fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. By engaging in real-world contracts and projects, students gain invaluable experience in client relations, quality assurance, human resources management, and financial oversight. The club’s activities span a wide range of services, including social media marketing, copywriting, translation, graphic and website design, videography, and photography. From crafting marketing plans for university projects to assisting local businesses with social media promotion, Bloom’s impact is felt both within and beyond campus borders. Students in the club view Bloom as a transformative opportunity to develop essential management skills and gain hands-on experience in entrepreneurship. Student time with Bloom has been incredibly rewarding, and the members wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in exploring the dynamic world of business.

Eco St. Lo

Eco St. Lo, SLC’s environmental group, focuses on raising awareness and taking action to improve the college’s and society’s environmental footprint through innovative projects and ideas. While Eco St. Lo did not hold official meetings this year, a related independent project, the Hydroponics Garden at SLC, flourished. Students involved in this project met regularly, organized sales of locally grown produce and donated portions of their profits to community initiatives like the Community Christmas Hamper Campaign and local food banks. The project’s success, which includes winning the local Forces Avenir award, reflects the dedication and passion of the students involved. Their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is evident throughout the college community, from the Teacher’s leadership in Eco St. Lo to running the Fair-Trade counter and the bike repair workshops.

Hydroponics Garden

The Hydroponics Garden at SLC thrives as a beacon of sustainability, employing innovative hydroponic gardening methods to cultivate plants, herbs, and vegetables directly on the college campus. Through their sales, they provide fresh produce to the college community while also donating proceeds to support student initiatives and local charitable causes. Collaborating with the Health & Wellness Club, they orchestrated a successful Valentine’s Day sale featuring fresh flowers and custom cards. Recognizing the club’s impact on reducing ecological footprints through local food consumption and promoting sustainable development awareness, the club members appreciate the opportunities it provides for students to develop complementary skills such as English proficiency and teamwork. Members gain practical insights into plant care and eco-friendly cultivation techniques, deepening their understanding of water chemistry fundamentals. Multiple teachers and students oversee the club’s activities and found immense satisfaction in working alongside the mentors and witnessing the positive impact of their efforts firsthand.


The E-Sports club at SLC, also known as the Lions team, revolves around competitive online gaming among different teams, participating in the LCSE (Ligue Collégiale de Sport Électronique) against other Cegeps from the Quebec region like Cegep St-Foy and Cegep de Rimouski. Weekly team practices, seasonal matches, and occasional tournaments, including in-person events, are some of the activities taking place throughout the year. The culmination of the season sees the finals, where winning teams earn banners, with matches broadcasted live online. The club recognizes the importance of promoting such activities, which are often overlooked by those unfamiliar with their dynamics. The club offers the opportunity for students to pursue their passions in a stimulating and competitive environment, supported by dedicated coaches.

Fashion Show

This year the Fashion Show club’s event, “Music in Motion,” centered around fashion showcasing six music genres: electro, rock, blues, country, and pop, with all proceeds benefiting the “Centre Jeunesse de Québec.” In addition to the main event, the club organized two additional events and two fundraising campaigns. These included an exclusive party for models to foster team bonding, an open party for all attendees, a sale of “bûches Michaud” for the Christmas holidays, and a tailgate event at a St. Lawrence hockey game featuring a hot-dog sale. For the individuals involved, the fashion show represents an opportunity for personal growth, for fostering creative abilities, and for honing multitasking skills. Collaborating with six dedicated individuals from admin to support personnel, they found fulfillment in the teamwork that not only resulted in a successful event but also forged strong friendships. Emphasizing the importance of contributing to such projects, the students highlight the meaningful impact they can have while creating beauty and supporting charitable causes.

Geek and Gamers

The Geeks and Gamers club offers a haven for enthusiasts of all things pop culture. Whether one seeks to immerse themselves in the latest shows, indulge in their favourite video games, or simply enjoy board game sessions, this club provides a welcoming space for all. With a diverse range of activities planned, such as regular board game gatherings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, participation in events like Quebec City Comic Con, and monthly club-exclusive events, members can always expect an exciting array of entertainment. Additionally, members have the opportunity to contribute to the planning of the club’s annual pop-culture trivia event and engage in various other activities tailored to their interests. In essence, the Geeks and Gamers club is a vibrant community where individuals can come together to share their passion for pop culture in a fun and inclusive environment.

Health and Wellness

The Health and Wellness club, true to its name, is dedicated to promoting mental health and well-being awareness among individuals. Throughout the year, they organize various activities aimed at achieving this goal, including a menstruation awareness booth, collaboration with the hydroponics club for a rose sale, and multiple free coffee and sweets events. Additionally, the club contributes to tasks like redecorating the snoozlen room every semester, enhancing the environment for relaxation and comfort. Reflecting on their experience, the members consider the club highly successful, attributing its success to the fantastic people involved and the enjoyable atmosphere it fosters.

Hema Quebec

Every year, St. Lawrence organizes a blood drive in collaboration with Héma Québec. The event is a student-led initiative. Over the years, the college has consistently met its goal of recruiting 110 donors annually, earning a reputation as one of the top Cegeps in Quebec City for its blood donation efforts. This year, the blood drive was scheduled for April 2024, providing an opportunity for individuals who have recently turned 18 years old to participate in donating blood for the first time. All eligible students are encouraged to join this important cause and contribute to saving lives through blood donation.


The French Improv Team, known as FIT, serves as the improvisation team for the Cegep. With regular games held most Wednesday nights, open to all attendees free of charge, the club fosters a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. Throughout the year, they organized two tournaments, one for their league and another for the high school league. For the individuals involved, FIT represents more than just a club; it’s a tight-knit family. This year, the team was composed exclusively of women, which is a rarity in the world of improv. For the members of the club, FIT symbolizes breaking barriers and defying odds while having a great time. They view improv not only as a source of laughter but also as a form of art and creativity. The captain of the team, which consists of eight amazing women, expresses immense pride in leading and being part of a group driven by love and fun.


The Intercultural Club, as its name suggests, is dedicated to fostering understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures through a variety of events, discussions, and activities. While the club typically hosts cultural festivities, guest speaker presentations, and international food days throughout the year to promote cultural exchange and awareness, this year has been focused on remodelling and preparation for upcoming activities. The club is characterized by its exceptionally welcoming atmosphere, providing a warm and inclusive space for individuals to engage with others from diverse backgrounds. For the individuals involved, it has served as a fantastic avenue to expand their social circle and build meaningful connections with a wide range of people.


Kickstart SLC is a valuable service offered to students at Champlain-St. Lawrence who aspire to launch their own businesses, delve into the world of start-ups, and expand their professional network under the guidance of mentors. Spearheaded by Business teachers in the PW Sims Business Department and championed by the Dean of Studies and Campus Director, M. Edward Beryman, this initiative is an integral part of the college’s comprehensive student support services aimed at fostering entrepreneurship. Multiple professionals bring a wealth of expertise to the project, drawing from their extensive experience as entrepreneurs and business owners, as well as their dedication to community involvement through mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs. These professionals are well-equipped to inspire and guide students in developing their entrepreneurial skills and in realizing their business ambitions.

Lions’ Log Newspaper

The Lions’ Log project is actively seeking students with a keen interest in journalism, photography, or web design to join its team and help drive its success. Individuals passionate about these areas will have the chance to explore a wide array of topics, ranging from current affairs and politics to sports tournaments, sociocultural events, movie reviews, and opinion pieces. They will also have the creative freedom to complement their articles with original photographs. A variety of roles are up for grabs within the project, including the pivotal position of Editor-in-chief, tasked with overseeing all aspects of the journal, delegating roles and assignments to journalists, ensuring the quality of content through proofreading, and coordinating team meetings. Journalists will delve into research, attend school events, and conduct interviews to craft compelling articles, while photographers will capture the essence of school events through imagery. Additionally, there’s an opportunity for web designers to showcase their skills by creating a user-friendly website to publish articles. 


The LGBTQ+ Club at St. Lawrence embraces and advocates for the freedom of individuals to choose and express their identity, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. By promoting inclusivity, acceptance, and understanding, the club creates a supportive and affirming environment where members can explore and celebrate their authentic selves. Through various activities, discussions, and events, the club aims to provide resources and tips on how to navigate the journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. Additionally, the club serves as a platform for raising awareness about LGBTQ+ issues and fostering dialogue within the broader community. By championing diversity and empowering individuals to embrace their identities, the LGBTQ+ Club plays a crucial role in promoting equality, respect, and inclusivity.


The Multimedia and Photography Club at St. Lawrence embodies a philosophy that extends beyond the mere capture of images, valuing the entire process of creation. By emphasizing both the journey and the final product, this club provides members with a dynamic platform to hone their skills and expand their horizons in multimedia production and photography. It’s more than just snapping photos; it’s about delving into the creative process, experimenting with new techniques, and producing compelling visual content, including event videos and captivating photographs. Within this club, collaboration and personal growth are prioritized as members are empowered to pursue their own projects and visions. Whether individuals are budding photographers, videographers, or multimedia enthusiasts, they are warmly welcomed to join and contribute to the vibrant community of creative expression at St. Lawrence. Through hands-on experiences, workshops, and collaborative endeavors, the Multimedia and Photography Club promises an exhilarating journey of exploration and creativity for all its members.


The role of the pathfinder encompasses creating a friendly and inclusive environment for the entire student body. This involves various activities such as distributing snacks, initiating conversations, and facilitating access to the chill-out lounge, which serves as a safe space for students to socialize, explore new experiences (like “I’ll Try Anything Thursdays”), or simply unwind. Recognizing the importance of such spaces, the Pathfinders believe that the chill-out lounge and their role within it play a crucial role in fostering a sense of comfort and inclusivity among students. While their personal feelings about their role are not explicitly stated, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the lounge and speak with a pathfinder directly, as they are typically available from 10 am to 2 pm and are eager to answer any questions.

Political Science and Debate

The Political Science and Debate Club is actively recruiting students interested in engaging in discussions on topics such as the US elections, global Covid management, and environmental issues. Proudly announcing the launch of weekly workshops and debates, the club invites members to participate in stimulating discourse and exchange of ideas. These debates will initially take place via Zoom for the Fall semester, with plans to transition to in-person sessions after the Christmas Break. Scheduled every Wednesday at 6 pm, the club provides a platform for registered students to receive the necessary links to join the discussions. Facilitated by Paul Estrin, a seasoned political expert with a diverse background, including serving as President of the Green Party of Canada and a member of the University of Alberta Debate Society, the club ensures engaging and insightful discussions. Furthermore, the club actively participates in prestigious events such as the McGill Model United Nations Assembly (McMUN) and the Forum Étudiant, with McMUN slated to be held online this year. Stay tuned for more information on these events as they develop.

Proto St. Lo

Proto-St. Lo serves as a scientific innovation hub, empowering students to undertake scientific and engineering projects by providing resources and teaching necessary skills. Throughout 12 meetings, the club has organized workshops, has received guest speakers, and has initiated various projects. Workshops have covered diverse topics such as robotics, the mathematics behind AI search engines, and 3D printing. Guest speakers like Samuel Verret, a gold honours mechanical engineer at Laval, have shared insights and inspired members in their scientific pursuits. The club is actively pursuing three projects: researching algal filters for lead contamination around the Great Lakes, a small robotics project for teaching engineering skills, and a mycology project. These projects have engaged a significant number of members, fostering innovation and collaboration. Despite the challenges and lessons learned in its inaugural year, the president expresses profound love for the club and envisions expanding its involvement in student life while making positive changes within the school community in the future.


Officially known as Radio Room, the club is dedicated to sharing a diverse range of music to enhance lunchtime experiences and introduce individuals to various musical genres. Operating on a simple yet effective format, the club’s activities involve preparing playlists based on specific themes every Tuesday and Thursday. After playing the curated playlist, audience members are encouraged to suggest songs that align with the theme. For the individual involved, the process of preparing playlists and showcasing different music styles is personally fulfilling, reflecting their passion for music exploration and sharing.


The RIASQ is an organization that is a bustling hub of artistic expression, organizing numerous activities ranging from poetry contests to dance competitions, film awards, and more. Throughout the year, a wide array of events such as the Writing Marathon, the intercollegiate Poetry Competition, the Literary Prize by college students, the Critère d’écriture Contest, and the Québec Film Award provide opportunities for creative engagement and participation. For the individual involved, managing these activities brings a sense of fulfillment, despite the busy schedule, knowing that dozens of CEGEP students have the chance to express themselves artistically and critically. Drawing inspiration from Nietzsche’s belief that art is the essence of life, they find meaning and purpose in facilitating these enriching experiences for others.


The St. Lawrence College Student Association (SLCSA) comprises a dedicated group of 12 students committed to enhancing the college experience for every student at St. Lawrence. Serving as a vital link between the administration and the student body, the SLCSA acts as a central resource for St. Lawrence’s diverse array of clubs, organizes engaging activities, and supports causes aligned with the college’s values. Additionally, they serve as the political representation of the student body, advocating for student interests and concerns. In essence, the SLCSA is devoted to provide assistance and support to students in any way possible, ensuring that each student can fully benefit from their time at St. Lawrence.


The St. Lawrence Entrepreneurial Club, as its name suggests, is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurial skills among students through school and student projects. Additionally, the club provides resources and guidance to students embarking on entrepreneurial ventures, facilitating their journey towards success. Past activities include bake sales to fund events such as the ACEE (Association des clubs d’élèves entrepreneurs) and networking events. Despite facing challenges, particularly during the pandemic-induced slowdown, the individual recognizes the club’s potential to empower students with practical skills. The members acknowledge the need for revitalization and structure to reignite interest and facilitate the completion of larger and more ambitious projects, demonstrating a commitment to nurture the club back to vibrancy.


The St-Lawrence Theatre Troupe is dedicated to providing students with the opportunity to engage in the entire process of producing a play. From acting to assisting with directing and scenography, members learn various aspects of theatrical production. Typically beginning in September with the play staged in March or April, the club also organizes bonding activities such as a Christmas party and improvisation matches. For the individuals involved, the club holds great significance as they’ve participated in three plays, collaborated with different directors, and formed friendships with fellow students. They express deep appreciation for the enriching experience of being part of the St-Lawrence Theatre Troupe.

What The Heck Music Band

The What The Heck Music Band, affectionately abbreviated as WTH, stands as the sole music group within the Cegep community, offering a platform for members to showcase their musical talents and share their passion with the entire school through captivating performances. With their semester show “1,2,3… Hit It!” scheduled on April 26th and April 27th 2024, the club’s dedication to excellence shines through in extraordinary renditions of beloved songs spanning diverse genres from Bruno Mars to ABBA and Stevie Wonder to Rush. For an individual involved, affection for the club runs deep. Through their journey as a member and leader of WTH, they’ve honed their musical skills and gained valuable life lessons that have contributed to personal growth and maturity. Grateful for the experiences and connections forged within the band, they cherish the sense of belonging and camaraderie, viewing their fellow members as a second family.

By Ash Michaud

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