Theatre Production: Everything you Need to Know

As usual, the Theatre club will be sharing with us a wonderful play… or should I say two plays? They will be performing a mix of plays by Neil LaBute, alternating every scene. The Shape of Things and Reasons to Be Pretty are part of the playwright’s trilogy of works on body image. The plays are from the early 2000s and have been described as hard-edged comedy. Our troupe has also taken the artistic liberty to feminize certain characters.

The Shape of Things is a modern reimagining of Adam and Eve. Gentle Ada (Adam), through her relationship with experienced and amoral Evelyn, changes her appearance and behaviour drastically, like clay in an artist’s hands.

Reasons to Be Pretty follows four friends: two couples. After Grace (Greg) comments on her girlfriend’s lack of a pretty face, all the tight-knit relationships of the group crumble over appearances and bluntness.

The troupe will be performing in our auditorium from the 4th to the 6th of April. Tickets are already on sale! You may purchase them here: They will also be sold at the door before the performances. Can’t wait to see you there!


Thursday April 4th 7 pm

Friday April 5th 7 pm

Saturday April 6th 3 pm 


By Eve Richard

Heyyy! I’m a second year student in Social Sciences and the co-president of the LGBTQ+ club. I love reading books and learning about the world around me, so I’ll be writing articles on those subjects :)

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