Where to Find Study Tips on Youtube

I love studytube. Most of my watch history is made up of pretty notebooks filled with cute notes about efficiency and productivity; I am that type of girl. Always been, always will be (I hope so). Many of us have been struggling with motivation, time organization, and all that jazz ever since the big ‘rona hit us all. These channels have helped me reorganize my study techniques and survive the hell that is online school, and I hope they can help you too! This list is 100% based on my biased opinion. 

  1. Mariana’s Corner 


Mariana goes DEEP into studying techniques. She tries each of them and shares her thoughts on her channel. She goes through techniques as basic as flashcards, all the way to the elephant that is the zettelkasten method–try to pronounce this three times as fast as possible. She covers all topics that a student could ask for! 

  1. Studyquill 


Jasmine is always looking for refreshing ways to study and make the process as enjoyable as possible. She shows her ups and downs throughout her academic journey and shares her tips and tricks for recalling information. She also criticizes consumerism, unattainable standards, and even studytube.  

  1.  The Bliss Bean


Beatrice mainly focuses on improving students’ quality of life based on her experience and research. She has terrific tips on self-care, energy management, productivity, and mindfulness habits. She is a big advocate for gap years and has excellent recommendations overall. 

  1. Ellen Kelley 


Ellene has done a video on every single topic found in the studytube community. Morning, evening, and daily habits? Done. Cheap and not so cheap stationery? Done. Every single aspect of the studytube community has been covered by her at least once.

  1. Tbhstudying 


Seo is the dream of aesthetic notes and planners. She shares her academic journey through study with me videos and opinion-based vlogs on different ways to study.  

Honourable mention: AisforAnia


Ania is relatively new to the game, but she is a well of information. She creates adaptable study plans and encourages others to create their own based on their specific needs. She knows what it is like to juggle so many things at once, and she is here to help us all get through it. 

By Florence Bergeron


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