15 Songs to Lift Your Spirits During the Pandemic

By Pier-Antoine Girard

My personal list of songs that are guaranteed to get you going while stuck at home.

15). Supertramp, “The Logical Song”

Thank you, John Helliwell, for the saxophone solo!

14). The Police, “Don’t Stand So Close To Me”     

A great song with amazing vocals and a title that applies perfectly to the current context.

13). Alphaville, “Forever Young”

A song about eternal youth that does not necessarily make one want to dance their shoes off, but this is for people who think they are wasting the best time of their lives due to the pandemic, especially students.

12). The Vogues, “You’re the One”

You might have heard this one in Netflix’s hit show, The Queen’s Gambit.

11). Buchanan Brothers, “Son of a Lovin’ Man”

Appears in one of my favourite Tarantino movies. The song has an extremely catchy hook that will make you sing it all day long.

10). Rupert Holmes, “Escape”

A song about cheating on your loved one, but that is beside the point. This song will make you want to drink a pina colada while dancing.

 9). The Beach Boys, “Hawaii”

When this pandemic is over, best believe, I am booking a ticket to Hawaii.

 8). The Beach Boys, “Surfin’ U.S.A.”

One Beach Boys’ song was not enough, so here you go!

 7). Led Zeppelin, “Immigrant Song”

A short and pumping song about the band’s trip to Iceland with an amazing guitar riff.

 6). The Beatles, “Twist and Shout”

This song made me want to learn the twist; obviously, I did not succeed.

 5). The Beatles, “Please Mister Postman”

Same case here with The Beach Boys, I could not pick only one song from the greatest band ever!

 4). Michael Jackson, “It’s the Falling in Love”  

The king of pop himself! From my favourite album by him, definitely worth taking a look at the other songs on Off the Wall if you haven’t already.

 3). Jean-Jacques Goldman, “Je marche seul”

I had to add a French song to this list and went with this one because he made me discover French music. I always thought that English music was the only type of good music, but Jean-Jacques proved me otherwise. If you have no idea who he is, he wrote Celine Dion’s album D’Eux. If you do not know who Celine is, I am truly sorry for you.  

 2). Bruno Mars, “24K Magic”

Yes, this list took a rather dramatic change of about 40 years, but the 11 times Grammy’s winner knows how to make somebody move.

  1). The Weeknd, “In Your Eyes”

From the best album of 2020, in my opinion, The Weeknd goes into a synth-heavy direction with this song, following the flashy disco-influenced “Blinding Lights.” I still cannot believe he wasn’t nominated for one Grammy award for his album After Hours.

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