The Seven Not So Deadly Sins

Hamartia stood on the very edge of a cliff, the golden glow of the evening sun illuminating her features. Hundreds of meters below, she could hear the faint sound of a river running towards the vast ocean. Chills shook her, although the day was warm and humid, only a slight breeze ruffled her long brown hair. The sky was clouded, reflecting her mood. Her right foot left the ground and dangled over the edge for a few seconds. Her balance shifted forth, but the fall didn’t come; a hand had caught her thin waist. Her breath caught as tears ran along her cheeks, and she slumped on the person behind her, not bothering to appear graceful.

The person holding her turned her so she would face him. A man, taller than her, looked at her angrily. He was muscular and tattooed about everywhere she could glimpse at, except for his face. His voice was deep and imposing when he asked, “why would you do that?”

She startled at the question and the anger, forgetting her sorrow for a few seconds. “Who are you?” she asked, curious despite her mind’s warnings.

The man raised an eyebrow. “Don’t you know the Sins?”

“You’re a Sin?” She gasped. Her people believed the Sins were demons tempting you to be your worst self while the Virtues were worshipped. He had stopped holding her, so she stepped back, fear churning inside her stomach.

“Well, of course, I’m Wrath.” He crossed his arm, his eyes narrowed on her.

A stranger’s voice rose behind her. “Don’t mind him. He doesn’t even eat dessert.” A young boy she hadn’t seen coming walked up to them. “I’m Gluttony.”

Hamartia did not have time to be surprised before another shape took form right before her eyes. She had no doubt on this one. Lust, neither man nor woman, slithered up sensually to her and said, “I’m Lust, darling,” then blew her a kiss.

A hand touched her shoulder, and she turned to see a beautiful woman scrutinizing her; “I would love to have that beautiful hair of yours, love. I’m Envy,” she said as she winked, looking ready to rip the hair off Hamartia’s head to keep for herself.

When she turned back to the others, Sloth had appeared. The girl casually laid on her back and didn’t bother to present herself but only opened and closed her eyes again.

An elegant woman appeared next to her left. A hungry smile covered her lips. “You lack power, dear. I’m Greed if you haven’t already guessed.” She dragged a man in Hamartia’s sight. “And that’s Pride.” The man wore an expensive suit and had his hands tied behind his back, a tape covering his lips. When Greed noticed Hamartia’s alarm at Pride’s sight, she explained. “I saved you an hour of rambling on his greatest achievements.”

Hamartia was speechless, “what’s happening?” Concern and worry transpired in her voice.

Pride grunted, but Wrath answered, “I was furious when I saw you were trying to kill yourself.”

Greed completed, “And we’ve decided to help you. I’m ambitious, but let’s just say that I’d love to be worshipped like the Virtues. So I thought it would be a great charity idea, and I convinced all of them to come as well.” She smiled devilishly.

Sloth cried out, “You dragged me here! I would have rather done nothing all year!”

Pride was now growling behind Greed, but she did not seem to mind.

Hamartia responded, “You are Sins. How can you help? Can’t you find another person to save?”

Greed ripped Pride’s tape. He massaged his mouth irritatingly. “Dear, the Virtues would not even help you. We are just as good as them. Your people mistook us as the bad guys.” Greed stared at him until he spoke again, “Yes, I can shut my mouth about all my achievements! Now, let’s just help her.”

Seeing the doubtful look on Hamartia’s face, Greed added, “So your people taught you to fear us because we are bad, right? That explains why you doubt us, but we really can help you.”

“Well, how?” Hamartia scoffed.

Wrath came up to her and snarled, “You’ll see.”


A month later, Pride had boosted Hamartia’s self-confidence, Wrath had taught her to let her emotions out when she needed it, and Sloth had convinced her to relax and take some time off for herself. Gluttony had given her a love of food, enough to vanquish her anorexia, while Lust had reminded her that desire made life less lonely. Envy had shown her to use jealousy as a motivation to get what she wants, and she found high objectives for her future, thanks to Greed, and was now ready to live her life to the fullest.

After all, only a thin line divides Sins and Virtues.

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By Dalyane Deblois


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