What the Heck Presents Throwback Tracks

On the 28th and 29th of April, the SLC band, What the Heck, will be performing its first 2023 concert!

This show will include various music genres, such as rock, pop, disco, and soul.

The theme for this concert is Throwback tracks. The band chose the songs that influenced their childhood, and since it is the last concert for many musicians in the band, it stands as a last hurrah before entering adulthood.

The show will start at 8 p.m on both nights. There will also be a free and short event before the actual performance on the 27th of April as a foretaste of the real show at 12h45.

It will be held at the St.Lawrence Auditorium.

The ticket cost is 6$ for a student and 8$ for the general public. Here is the link to buy the ticket: https://dfournier2.wixsite.com/whattheheck

Band members:

–   Elsa Henry

–   Jacob Rodrigue

–   Thara-Gaëlle Bastien

–   James Bissonnette

–   Sarah Fontaine

–   Tommy Fequet

–   Alexanne Lacroix

–   Enrick Woo Therrien

–   Félix-Olivier Charron

–   Gab Loureiro

–   Maeve Albert

–   Marguerite Duguay-Gagné

–   Olivier Plante

By Alicia Harvey

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