Collection of Poems for February

Someday this Will End

 A crown of lotus we share together.
 Nothing but our dreams dripping, dropping on each other.
 Hares whisper, "Wake up, my children." 
 We sigh, "Let us wander in sleep till night ends." 

Poem inspired from Kelogsloops’ “Someday This Dream Will End” : Someday, This Dream Will End by kelogsloops on DeviantArt

Only to End Up Alone

Barefoot on the snow,
Standing on an empty road,
I stare at the silver glow.

Eyes open all wide,
Mumbling my resolve tonight,
I wish for my fears to hide.

Hands yearning for warmth,
Crying over lies untold,
I move forward to the North.

Pleas, my mind recalls,
Struggling to hold myself,
I shake as the wind crawls.

Soon my feet gave in,
Sinking on cold cruel ground,
I watch the stars falling;

Under a white blanket.

Tear Me Down to Bone

Prickled by your touch. 
I crave your utmost attention. 
Needless to say, your gaze pierces my soul. 
Only to be looked down as a whole. 
Only to be deemed a foe. 
No need to unsheathe your sword so early. 
I still want your hands on me. 
Tearing me apart from head to toe. 
Never let me go.

Open my skin, layers by layers. 
See my fingers turning blue from cold, 
the crimson red of my blood and the pure white of my bone. 
I will keep my wounds fresh open, 
so you can ponder on the depth of your mistake.

Poem inspired from Peter Morbacher’s “Simikiel, Angel of Vengeance” : The Seraphim — Angelarium: The Encyclopedia of Angels

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By Syed Ali

Hello there, fellow readers! My name is Syed Sibgatul Ali, and I am currently a third-year student at St-Lawrence. Some call me a daydreamer, some a hopeless fool, but I like to call myself an avid writer/reader of fiction. There is nothing wrong with indulging ourselves with hopes and imagining things that are still yet to be uncovered! I am thrilled to be part of the student newspaper for another year! I will mainly contribute to the club by proofreading the articles to the best of my abilities and sneaking in some creative writings of my own. I wish you a happy reading!

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