The Power of Words

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” I always found myself disagreeing with this expression. How could an image be worth more when it only appeals to sight? A photo would show a beautiful fire in all its details, yes, but a description of said fire, on the other hand, would make you live the moment, smell the wood burning, feel the warmth of the flames. This phrase is correct in the sense that an image is efficient. One quick look reveals the idea. But it lacks depth, context, interpretation. 

Our very history starts with the beginning of writing because before this event, everything is supposition. Words are our way of expressing realities, of sharing skills, information, and experiences. Communication allows us to unify our thinking and collectivize our efforts. Alone, we are relatively vulnerable to our environment. We can’t fly, we can’t breathe underwater, we can’t run particularly fast. And yet, by sharing our knowledge and abilities, we have been able to evolve into advanced societies of millions of individuals. The species lacking wings and gills have built machines that can bring them to the moon and 20 000 leagues under the sea. 

Whether we realize it or not, our lives revolve around words. We are a social species; we thrive when we interact with each other. And words are our primary tool. Sharing knowledge, experiences, and ideas helps our society become aware of the world, more critical of what we hear, and less prompt to make hasty and unfounded judgments. It helps us become more tolerant in our behaviour, more open in our discussions, and empathetic toward someone else’s situation. But information can be misleading. Nowadays, with the fast-paced social media, anyone can make up facts and have a platform to share them on. 

This is why, even in this electronic era where they sometimes feel obsolete, there is a need for traditional media. So that everyone can enjoy easily accessible knowledge without having to sacrifice their right to verified information. We believe that creating a student newspaper will not only provide constructive entertainment, but also access to a balanced and well-researched point of view. We want this platform to become a place where we can freely and correctly discuss issues that matter so that St. Lawrence’s students can form an enlightened opinion for themselves. 

With this in mind, the Lion’s Log team wishes you pleasant readings, exciting debates, and an excellent semester!

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By Clara Roy

Editor-in-chief, journalist

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